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Healthcare Solutions

Bluefish Resource Group works with Healthcare customers from conception to completion to ensure that their Technology Project is a smooth and pleasant experience. This is achieved by meeting with the user groups and discussing their workflows, current challenges and goals in their new space. We then coordinate and implement all technology aspects of the project and the construction team. The project is complete when all documentation is done and the user groups and facilities are fully trained on their new technology.

Budgeting, Design and Layout

  • User group meetings
  • Product and Contractor selection
  • Coordination with Architect/Engineers

Pathways and Fire Stopping

  • Coordination and installation of all Technology pathways for cost-savings and project efficiency
  • Firestop all technology and low voltage openings with an approved Firestop system to ensure quality and code compliance for the facility

Rough-in Requirements

  • Coordinate with the electrical contractor on behalf of the technology systems contractors to ensure proper size and location of the back-boxes for all of the devices and faceplates

Training of the User Groups and Facilities

  • Specific training for each of the different user groups; IT, Facilities and staff
  • Customized training programs that include ongoing refresher sessions

As-Builts and Documentation

  • CAD draftsman on retainer for coordination of final technology drawings
  • Online storage for project reference and documentation

Project Management Tools

  • Microsoft Project
  • Base Camp
  • AutoCad
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Sharepoint

Preventive Maintenance

  • Managing ongoing preventive maintenance for the facility
  • Online scheduling and documentation program